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Tomas, law and justice, a stern young man, dressed in simple clothes of fine quality. When his gaze falls upon you, you feel as though you are been measured, any wrong you have done is obvious to him.

The church of Tomas is spread all across the realms but none more so then in La’coa.

La’coa has become a theocracy controlled by the church of Tomas. The Hand of Tomas had been its supreme ruler. In La’coa the rule of Tomas is absolute, with no one daring to challenge their authority and control. Members of other church’s are given great respect, but this is slowly eroding, especially in the case of the church of Buiva, as there followers are coming to blows more and more as the followers of Buiva are interfering in the way things are done by the Tomas’s. The church of Tomas is still wide spread in the rest of the realms except in Survae where most of them have been ejected from the kingdom, Tomas’s are still in the kingdom but are working in secret more and more.


The church of Tomas is made up in 3 parts. The first is the clergy, who make up the staffs of the church’s, and act as judges when called for my the local populace.
The Clergy
Lord Arbitrator
Law keeper
Hand of Tomas

From the position of Arbitrator, the priest can be called on as a judge either by the local people or by the lord of the area. Any crime can be tried by them from simple theft to murder. Not only saying who’s guilty and who’s not but also setting the punishment for the crime. Of late most of the church has been involved with the hunting of Mages where ever they have turned up, Arbitrators are stern and sever people, and have sent many innocents to death just on the suspicion of Magery.

The 2nd is the Paladins of the church. Called Questioners.
Lord questioner
Lord High Inquisitor

These Paladins are law personified. Traveling across the realms either alone or in the company of their White Cloak bodyguards. They dispense justice wherever they see need to do so and don’t always ask permission of the local lord first.

The final group in the church is there standing army the White Cloaks.
White Cloaks*/b>
High Lord

The Church of Tomas

Built in the same style as a king’s army, the White Cloaks are mainly a mounted knighthood, with foot troops at their command. It is not unusual to see a hundred White Cloaks together without any foot troops, though it is more usual to see groups of 10 or 20, normally in the company of a Questioner or a member of the clergy. In these times of strife the White Cloaks under take covert missions, disguising them selves as normal people so they can travel un-noticed, and un-hindered in their work. This is mainly in Survae where the church of Tomas is not welcome anymore. The church of Tomas is seeing this as a sign that the Nobility is still under the control of the Mages and they must do something about this.

The church has many Holy days, many to do with the lunar cycle, the moon been seen as the waxing and waning of justice across the land. So each full moon is counted as a holy day, with the 1st Day Eclipse been seen as Tomas been attacked and over coming the yoke of the Mages.

Temples of Tomas can be found in all La’coan Towns and cities, looking like imposing courthouses more then temples. All villages have a house or inn that can be converted at short notice to accommodate a visiting Questioner who has arrived to dispense justice in Tomas’s name. Temples normally contain, 10-20 White Cloaks as guards, an Arbitrator and between 3-6 Petitioners. These numbers can vary upwards if the temple is larger in size. The High Temple in the City of the Moon has over a hundred White Cloaks (even though the White Cloak main chapter house is in the city), The Lord High Arbitrator, 5-10 Arbitrators, and over a hundred Petitioners. The Questioners have only a few in the temple as most are at their chapter house or in the field dispensing Tomas’s justice. The number of White Cloak guards do’s not count the High Lords personnel body guard or any assigned to Arbitrators in the temple. Within the temples of Tomas are also shrines to the Lesser God Alaine, who was in life, a paladin of Tomas, personifying the traits of purity and obedience. On his death he was raised to godhood. This is the aspect of Tomas that the White Cloaks worship more then Tomas himself.


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