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Morr is the God of Death and ruler of The Underworld, Keeper of the gates of Hell. He is normally depicted as a tall man of aristocratic bearing with a detached slightly brooding aspect. All dead souls belong to him and he makes sure they are guided swiftly and safely into his realm. He is also the God of Dream and since the Land of Dreams borders are so close to the Realm of the Dead, and is capable of weaving great and terrible dreams and illusions.

The most popular images of Morr are the Raven and the Portal. These normally been depicted throughout his church. Priests wear simple black hooded robs and bear a staff with a stylized Raven and portal design mounted on top. Most temples only have 2 or 3 priests depending on their size, the rest of the church staff made up from guards and servants.

The Church of Morr

The Priesthood has little use for ranks with simple titles of

Death watcher
Keeper of the Dead

Other titles may be used depending on the numbers of priests at the temple for example, High Priest.

The Guards of the temple are Death Guards men and women sworn to protect the dead and to search out any who commit the unholy right of raising the dead with out the Lord Morr’s permission, many are paladins in his service.

Temples of Morr are in the shape of pyramids, the symbol of Morr as the entrance way to both the main building and to the compound if any. Shrines are simple door ways made into the Portal image with one pillar of marble the other of basalt. The doors to the Temple are never closed many not even having doors between there posts showing all may enter. Though he is worshiped across the Realms he is not an everyday god, but only worshiped by the bereaved. Necromancers who follow the path of Light also follow and revere him asking for his permission to raise the undead.

Temples are always situated near burial grounds and normally only used for funeral services. The temples have little or no contact between each other for years at a time thought there is a convention of temples held every 20 years in Bravlen.


Must oppose Necromancy and its users
Never refuse to do a funeral service
May not disturb a Morr burial place
May not bring undead into the world without the permission of Morr
Must destroy Undead were ever found


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