Human Gods

Major Gods
Buiva God of War and Battle
Fenris Lord of the hunt
Horenbar 2 Faced god of Magic
Morr God of Death
Shar Mistress of the night
Tomas Law and Justice

12 Minor Gods
Alaine Purity and Obedience
Beltann The World Spirit
Elarnn Lord of the Desert
Fane God of Beauty
Larith Goddess of the Morning
Menra Goddess of Healing
Peela Lord of the Forests
Quenith Lady of the Sky
Quoss Lord of the Sea
Shaleel Goddess of Hope and Luck
Stovale God Empire and Dominion
Zadnar God of Undeath and Misery

The Goblin races worship various Demonic beings of varying levels of power.


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