Basic information
The Lord of Battle
Power level
Major deity
Favored weapon
(all of them)
(the great battlefield in teh sky)
Sphere(s) of influence
(war, strength, glory)
(warriors and the likes
generally people who like
fighting (primarily young)
Worshiper alignment(s)

Buiva, known as The Lord of Battle, is portrayed as an aged man wearing battered chain mail and wielding an assortment of weapons all immaculate in condition. He has a joyful demeanor, always looking forward to the next great test of arms or good drink and tall tale.


The church of Buiva is wide spread. All major towns and cities have temples or at least a shrine in the soldiers’ commons. The temples are always tended by one of the Clerical order with many shrines only tended by one of the Martial arm, usually the one who set up the shrine in the first place. Visited irregularly by one of the Clerical order. There is no set staff for a shrine or a temple, this has led to some shrines having several priests and guards, and temples having little more then a priest and some followers to do the work.

The Church of Buiva

The church of Buiva has 2 orders within its ranks, the first is purely a ministerial order dealing with the day today running of the church. This does not mean they cannot fight when called upon to do so by their God.

Clerical Order
Brother Priest
Lord Priest
Priest General
Lord Priest Marshal

The 2nd is the Martial arm of the church and is made up of priests and warriors. With fighters and warriors making up the biggest percentage.

Martial Order
Knight Brother
Knight Captain
Knight General
Knight Marshal

The church also has Paladins; Out of all the religions it has the most, numbering in the upper hundreds.

Titles for the Paladins are: Brother Warrior, Lord Warrior and Lord High Warrior.

The Lord High Warrior Answers to Buiva himself and in times of crisis leads the church as a whole to war. The titles of Lord Warrior and Lord High Warrior are only used in time of need. Brother Warrior been their normal honorific.

The currant head of the church is Lord High Priest Marshal Ralshar (Cleric 23). Based in the high temple.

As well as the clerical and martial arms the church supports a large standing army of church guards and mercenary’s.

Times and Places of Note

Within the church guards there is one known as Bob, this guard is the only one in over 400 years to be able to complete the Rights of Battle ritual, which involves drinking and feasting for 3 full days with no rest! Many do not pass the second day, on completing the ritual he was presented with what is believed to be Buiva’s sword that he used before his death and ascension. This is now his until another completes the ritual or he dies in battle or old age. (This last has never happened to the wielder of Buiva’s sword).

In the church of Buiva there are various holy days normally to celebrate famous battles whether they where one or lost as long as fought well. The holiest of holy days is The Battle of Accession, when Buiva was raised to godhood, Before that day Buiva had been a veteran sergeant serving with the his lords army for most of his adult life. On the eve of a great battle Buiva passed away in his sleep, the following day the battle was not going well for the lords army, when a sergeant friend of Buiva wounded and dying called forth for his old comrade in arms, suddenly about the field of battle the lords men swung there weapons with renewed vigor, troops wavering stood firm and charged. Soon the battle was won, and the deity known as Buiva was born.

Game Mechanics

The clerical arm is made up of clerics, healers,

The cleric base lists are added to with: warrior’s blade (arms master base list).

The martial arm is any class who wish to serve Buiva in a more dedicated manner. This can include both non-spell using classes and spell using classes.


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